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capital to coast 2007

diggydiggy Posts: 37
edited July 2007 in MTB rides
Hi all.

Completed to C2C yesterday, aching a bit now....

I saw a lot of people on the ride with GPS systems mounted on their bikes. Has anyone ever logged the ride and and shown it on a scale map? Or know of a link to someone elses? It would be nce to know excactly where I have been!

Thanks all.


  • Jon181Jon181 Posts: 3
    Take a look at

    I took a slight de-tour towards Haywards Heath, so ignore that bit, and this route starts at Twickenham, as I cycled to the start, the start is about 5 miles in

    Thought it was a good ride, no where near as busy as the London to Brighton
  • diggydiggy Posts: 37
    Thanks for that! :D

    Your time was somewhat better than mine! Including rest stops it took me nearly 8hrs! :shock:
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