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Lawyer "allegedly" bribed witness

jibijibi Posts: 2,463
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A DEFENCE lawyer was under mounting pressure after being accused in court of trying to bribe one of the men accused of the July 21 bomb attempts.

Mudassar Arani, 43, earned an estimated £1million in Legal Aid last year and boasts on her website of representing relatives of “the top Al Qaeda men”.

Why just £600??

(I know it's 5 days old but I have been watching the tour)
there's more from the same case ... lot212.xml
the judge accused her clients of trying to "cynically manipulate" the trial process.

Mudassar Arani was also said by the judge to have made "wholly unjustified complaints" against the Prison Service.

During the trial another lawyer accused her in court of trying to bribe one of the defendants and manipulate his defence.

Miss Arani has represented a number of high profile defendants in terrorism cases, including cleric Abu Hamza and the "gas limos" bomber Dhiren Barot.

Seem's like she "earns" her £1,000,000 a year, poor thing.



  • Patrick StevensPatrick Stevens Posts: 13,398
    If she did receive a million pounds in legal aid fees, then this would often cover work carried out some time ago and it would be a gross payment. The overheads level is usually of the order of 87-94% for publicly funded work.
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