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Must be having a field day in this forum.

the number of selective words used, the dossiers must be creaking.

I am just glad I am not naive enough to use my real name.


South America


  • linfordlunchboxlinfordlunchbox Posts: 4,834
    I live about a mile from the Doughnut as the crow flies, They are actually very pro cycling there and have some excellent facilities for the workers. the down side is if you try to break in, its an automatic 'go to jail penalty'

    It made a lot of local building contractors a lot of money whilst it was being built.

    "I\'d clean my car with a baby elephant - if I had a baby elephant !"
  • Mister PaulMister Paul Posts: 719
    My sister lives about a mile from the doughnut, as the crow flies. You're not her, are you?

    <font size="1">What we need is a new, national <b>White Bicycle Plan</b></font id="size1">
    <font>What we need is a new, national <b>White Bicycle Plan</b></font>
  • rothbookrothbook Posts: 943
    This is spooky cos my sister gives doughnuts to crows.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 6,663
    It might be a different crow.

    LLB's crow would be large, fairly cumbersome, noisy and would move quite slowly, frequently throwing out waste product.
    Mister Paul's sister's crow would be sleek, clad in lycra and would move fast, flitting past obstacles with ease.

    Mister Paul's sister therefore lives 3 times further away than LLB. [:D]

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