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Clipless back to clips

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Hi folks,
After doing a hardish run back from work my left knee ached like toothache or a few days after. I kept off the bike for a week or so & had a play with my left cleat to try & give my foot a better position so my lower leg isn`t as twisted. It`s better but not perfect, or does my knee need a bit more time I wonder?? So it`s looks like I`m going old skool & putting the clips on! I`ll try that & see if my knee improves then try the spd`s again.
Anyone else gone back to clips? and stayed with them??


  • gbbgbb Posts: 1,240
    Havnt gone back to clips, but if my rides took me more into the city, i think i would.
    I always found clips / straps very easy to get in and out of, specially if its frequently....but then, i always had the straps fairly loose.
    I liked em...

    Try some steady rides, no great exertion and enjoy the always helped me through some (infrequent thankfully) knee problems.

    Chill out, fer Christsakes....

    Chill out, fer Christsakes....
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