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I bought my first proper roadbike!

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Picked up this little beauty from a very nice seller on ebay last night:

What do you all think then?

œ470, and it had new tyres 3 months ago, and a carbon seatpost replacement, has only covered around 500 miles, and you can tell, beautiful condition - also came with cateye front and rear lights for the price, and a bag that goes behind the saddle.

I haven't had a chance to ride it yet, but am gagging to go out on it, it seemingly weighs nothing!

Thankyou to the peeps who replied to my Felt thread, and those who I mailed and mailed me back, very helpful in helping me make the decision [8D]




  • Yikes, its yellow!! [;)]

    Mleh Mleh Mleh
  • pw1brownpw1brown Posts: 243
    The spec looks good. And I like yellow, gives us a change from all these black and silver bikes these days.
  • cyclinggirlcyclinggirl Posts: 196
    Wow, looks a great bike, love the colour.
  • Thankyou for the replies, yellow it is :-)

    And it has yellow sidewalled tyres as well!

    The current Felts, whilst being stunning bikes I am sure, are somewhat muted in demeanour - can a bike have a demeanour?

    Now do I go for a yellow helmet (Bell maybe?) and yellow shoes...........

    I do need to change the saddle for a smaller one, and will be on the hunt for one shortly.

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