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annoying triple click noise

jenko66jenko66 Posts: 24
edited June 2007 in Workshop
Got my new spesh roubaix expert in the spring and love it. However, within the last couple of weeks I've noticed three prominent clicking noises on every downstroke of the left crank when I get out of the saddle to climb a hill. Its worse when in the lower chainring. Surely it cant be the BB worn already after only 500 miles. Any suggestions as to what it might be ??


  • sylvanussylvanus Posts: 1,125
    You should read, inwardly digest and follow the instructions on this page then all ticks and creaks with disappear.
  • jenko66jenko66 Posts: 24
    Thanks for this Sylvanus.

    Followed the link and it looks as though I should be able to get to the bottom of the problem.
  • morgs2001morgs2001 Posts: 159
    just sorted a very similar problem on my veloce kitted tifosi.
    Clicking on the down stroke of the right crank.
    LBS said I would need a new BB but on inspection it just needed a re lube/grease and tightening up.
    Thank goodness for good LBS.
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