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Campag Eurus rebuild

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I foolishly bought a busted 2007 Eurus front wheel on ebay and I'm faced with the task of replacing a rim and a couple of spokes. Anyone ever done such a thing before.
Special spoke nipple tool?
How do you get the nipples into place? (sealed rim)
How do you tension the spokes? i.e. how tight?

Beginning to think I've wasted my money. New rim ~œ65.00, spokes œ3.00+ each. Plus the cost of the busted wheel. I should have bought a new one [:(]

I've been Thamed !!


  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Apparently, they use a magnet to get the nipple in position. Tension on straight pull spokes is higher than for normal wheels - really a job for an experienced wheelbuilder - but a great learning opportunity! Download the spares catalogue from Campagnolo website to see if you need a special spoke key
  • Bern.Bern. Posts: 58
    It can be done, but to be honest it is a long job and quite costly. Our guys never like doing them. Fronts tend to be a lot easier to sort out than rear ones, but the fact you are using a new rim and spokes will help.
  • Thanks guys. I've had a look at the Campag site, no 2007 Eurus info but the Shamal is on there and looks pretty well the same. The PDF file doesn't seem to want to print though. I'll keep trying.

    It shows the magnet tool, I'll have to improvise something. Also supposed to use a special spoke key, might try to make something.

    Bern, I suspect if I was charging myself labour it would be a non starter. This is going to take days or weeks, not hours!

    Thank God it's a front, I'd never manage a rear!

    I've been Thamed !!
  • rustychiselrustychisel Posts: 3,444
    Just been having a close look at a pair of '05 Eurus. Goodness, the spoke tension is bluddy high, innit?

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    I\'m only escaping to here because the office is having a conniption
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