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Shimano Flight Deck Computer

SteveR_100MilersSteveR_100Milers Posts: 5,987
edited May 2007 in Workshop
Anyone got one? Like the idea of gear selection display, sinec I'm always having to look at which gear i'm in. Any other good ones for œ40 or less?

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  • road-runnerroad-runner Posts: 8,630
    I've had one for 3 years. Wireless. If it should ever die, I'd buy the same again.

    I like the gear display, which sits in the middle of the screen with two other readings of your choice, which are switchable at the push of a button of the brake hoods.
  • combat_wombatcombat_wombat Posts: 2,188
    I have the wired version
    More reliable in my opinion ( + for only 1/2 the cost)

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  • bucksfizzbucksfizz Posts: 84
    I've had one for a few months now and it's playing up. The gear display isn't correct, although the instructions do say to clean the contacts if this happens. Also, it no longer goes into power saving mode after 30 minutes - the display is always on.
  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 751
    I got one a month ago. The gear indicator didn't work correctly at first and the manual instructions to bend the contact pad inside the brake lever made no difference. Instead I cut a tiny piece of plastic 1mm thick and popped it behind the contact pad (the one already wired to the STI levers). Works a treat now, great bit of kit. Got mine for about œ62 from Parker International. Would have got the wire version if I could have found one for 10 speed.
  • aussie70aussie70 Posts: 75
    Got 2 wireless, (His and Hers!). Bend the contact out on the brake levers as the instructions say. I've had them for about a year now and no problems. Still using original batteries.
    Excellent computer, and I like the cadence function without needing extra sensors. (Yes, I konw it still gives a reading when you're freewheeling, but luckily my legs know when they're not pedalling, so I'm not fooled by it [;)]

    Go for it.
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