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What was the story with this guy from Bridgend?

MarkyMarky Posts: 504
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I'm just curious... does anyone know what this bloke from Bridgend got up to?
Was he selling or trading in an unscrupulous manner?
I nearly had some sort of sale going with someone from Bridgend.


  • Some people appear not to have received goods they have paid for, others seem perfectly satisfied. The jury's still out on my transaction - cheque has been cashed, and I'm told goods were posted 1st class on the 8th, so still a few days for Royal Mail to do their worst before I really start to worry.

    Richard, Bucks
  • There was a problem and it has been addressed. There is unlikely to be any re-occurence. If you think that you have been directly affected by it then please email you concerns directly to me or else take the advice which is on the Sticky at the top of the For Sale forum.

    As a general rule you should take steps to protect yourselves as far as possible when buying or selling through any website including C+.

    Do be aware that there have been almost no problems with any of the thousands of transactions which have taken place through the C+ forum.

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