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A Little Support

rikkrikk Posts: 734
Had the nice Fedex man turn up today with a parcel from the good ol U S of A Smile

Been looking for a good while for a decent ankle brace and after a lot of research the Donjoy Velocity seemed to be what was needed. I ordered the ES (extra support)

Well have to say it dosn't look much to look at but wow is it comfy and double wow how good a support is this thing. Been walking around the house in it for the last hour and my ankle actually feels better and less painfull, I'll see how it goes but may end up ordering another for daily use.

Here's the little puppy :- ... -15XX-X-XX

I'm also looking out for a 2nd hand donjoy knee brace which I want to work into my tin leg for extra support to stop it twisting, the limb centre's gonna be pissed at me again when they see this masterpiece Cool


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