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I-Beam Seatpost

mini-eggsmini-eggs Posts: 811
edited June 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
I've had a big weekend in afan, yesterday did white's level on the final descent the seat just fell away.

Today did the wall and every 20mins or so i had to stop to tighten it up as the seat was falling off or sliding around, which got really annoying towards the end of the ride.

What can be done? threadlock? or ditch it for a normal post & saddle.

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  • red eyered eye Posts: 264
    that happened to me,had it replaced 3 time untill one time the bolt snapped and ripped my brand new ice burg jeans. i just drilled the hole and bolted a 19mm nut and bolt with a 17mm dia. has not come loose since

    dont know if that helps your I beam
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