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Riding South London

alan84alan84 Posts: 1
edited June 2007 in MTB rides
I'm looking for some local trails in south london, i'm in the forest hill area and lloking for a spot or maybe i riding club, i'm needing to get out on that bike. Jumpin and freeride preferably?
Anyone got any ideas


  • gamheadgamhead Posts: 21
    Hi mate,

    There's not a hell of a lot in the area that Im aware of (Im in Honor Oak) but if you get in the car / on the train and head down to The Downs there is plenty of fun to be had...

    Check out for some ideas

    Let me know if you find anything else!
  • alan84alan84 Posts: 1
    Ye i live in honor oak as well, went up one tree hill which was pretty rubbish. I've seen stuff on the web a bit south, like PORC and that but i'm just not too keen on riding myself, i've been scraped out the dirt more than once by my mates.
    ha ha
  • tom_majskitom_majski Posts: 432
    come riding with us lot up north london!

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