Understanding Downhill Tyres



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    Cheers Alex...looks like 2.35s it is then :D
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    Alex wrote:
    You can't get the proper (named) maxxis tyres without dual plys, so i'm taking that as given.
    errr, WRONG! i have highroller 2.5 maxxpro 60a singleply's.
    I like bikes and stuff
  • i've found the swampthings on my mates bike to work alright in the dry once they're worn down a bit, but i live in cumbria so my local trails tend to stay damp or wet for much of the year so its not much of an issue

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    Anybody have an views on the contintental kaiser or rain king? Other than the £50 price tag... :lol:
  • All you need is a set of Maxxis Highrollers and Wetscreams in 2.5"- I rarely use the Wetscreams though, it doesn't get muddy enough!
  • Ok, I've read all the good advice above and want to see if you agree with what I'm thinking of buying.

    I've got a Nomad with 2.4 Ardent 1 ply 60s. Great for general trail use and a bit of dry DH, not much good on wet slippy DHs though, plus prob lacking in strength for proper DH abuse. I want a tyre for DH in Scotland (not racing), Alps (Mega), Spain. Was thinking High Roller 2.35 or 2.5 2 ply 42F/60R. What do you think? Not sure about the width, I'm 12 stone.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi guys.

    Looking for some advice on tyres for the Mega, doing it for the first time this year on my 2009 Remedy 8! Can’t wait!!

    I thinking of going 2.5 on the front and 2.35 on the rear (as 2.5 looks like it;s goanna be tight on the chainstays) and thinking of going for a Minion (super soft) on the front and a High Roller (Med compound (60a?)) on the rear. Both Dual Ply and ruining with tubeless with Stans.

    What do you guys think? The Mega looks pretty rocky, and I don’t mind the rear sliding, but what the front to be solid. O and I need them to last all week in the Alps.

    Any Advice?

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    Hope you get more replies than I did! A super tacky should last you a week, it does me. But it might be muddy, so maybe high roller on front too?
  • I too am just catching up re tyres for dh.
    I have a Whyte t129 which is obv not a dh bike, none the less Im riding mega on it next month. Trying to figure out which tyres to plump for. MAxxis minion dual ply 42 a maybe?
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