Basic Roubaix vs Roubaix Sport

Hi everyone, I've been waiting to buy a Specialized Roubaix Sport but it's not on stock, however I see the basic spec model on stock, Specialized Roubaix.

The main differences is that one has 105 groupset with 11 speed and the other has Tiagra with 10 speed. Also the cheaper one has Specialized Axis wheels, about which I've read about failing rear hub.

The Roubaix Sport is 3450 eur, the Roubaix 2850 .

I can buy the basic Roubaix and upgrade the groupset to 105 with 11 speed and also put some better wheels, or wait for the next year's Roubaix Sport, that probably will be more expensive. I wonder if buying the lower spec model of this year and upgrading will be cheaper than next year's Roubaix Sport.

Has anyone seen, maybe for other producers, prices for 2023 models? I wonder how much the prices will go up?

How much would cost to upgrade to 105 groupset and some decent aluminium wheels suitable for a beginner (2 years on road bike) riding mostly flat/ a bit hilly terrain?

What would you do in this case? Which bike would you choose between these two?


  • PMark
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    Unless the 105 disc brakes are massively better than Tiagra, I doubt you will notice any difference if both are setup properly. So if you did go with the basic version, I would just keep with Tiagra until it wears out. I would probably upgrade the wheels on ether version to some carbon, but maybe keep the stock wheels for a year or two before doing that. However last time I looked at the Roubaix, they only have the best version of futureshock on the higher end models. So don't know if that is still the case/would be an issue to you.
  • alxb
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    Thank you for the advice!
    Finally I have ordered the basic Roubaix, the only one that was available.
    It has the basic future shock indeed, but it's fine for me