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Ventoux/Club Des Cingles

I'm the big 60 next year, and am thinking of one final cycling Hurrah! Looking at local company's to help with logistics, VeloVentoux, etc.
Any advice much appreciated.


  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 6,195
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    Just get an AirBnB in Bedoin and crack on. If you can drive there, even better as you have your own bike. We did it with a stay in the Pyrenees for 4 nights on the way there, and stopped in Champagne on the way back for 2 nights. We didn't have time, but everyone recommended staying another day to ride Les Gorges de la Nesque.

    Logistically the ride is quite simple as you start / finish in the same place. Even if you want to hire a bike you can pick it up the day before, then return it on the day. There are lots of shops in Bedoin.

    The ride itself is obviously, quite hard.

    Leave super early so your 1st summit is about sunrise, so you get good views and don't get too hot.

    Plenty of little shops to stamp your card and buy a cake / coffee from in between ascents.

    Hope it doesn't blow its tits off.
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,029
    I find it disconcerting that you see 60 as your last chance to do something challenging... I hope you are going to continue dreaming big even when you are 70.
    We live in a xxxx society that wants you to think about your funeral, rather than your future... resist!
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  • ugo... Like me you have posted on here for many years (I joined 2007!)
    Harsh but fair! I still want to ride, but with this particular challenge, the younger the better, I feel.

    .....'time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"...........
  • phil485phil485 Posts: 364
    I did my Cingles with Sportive Breaks but it was pre covid. Hada good weekend with them and they sorted everything bar the flights.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,687
    If it were me I'd want a week there - it's a long way to go just to ride up a mountain 3 times and come home. It also gives you some flexibility should the wind be blowing on the day you plan to to the Cingles.

    You could sort your own self catering or every time I've been down there I've camped either in Bedoin or close to Avignon. If you need to hire a bike there was and I assume still is at least one place (and probably only one given its not a big town) in Bedoin.
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  • Thanks for the advice, now all I need to find a couple of foolhardy souls to accompany me. Safe riding all.
  • PS - Does anyone know how much the airlines charge to carry a bike case?
  • Dorset_BoyDorset_Boy Posts: 6,666

    PS - Does anyone know how much the airlines charge to carry a bike case?

    BA it's part of your hold allowance so no extra.
    Others around £70 - £100, but you then also get another bag to go in the hold.
  • durhamwaspdurhamwasp Posts: 1,247
    No chance you can drive there, with a partner or another cyclist? Plenty of accommodation options and campsites at the bottom.

    Heres our report from when we did it in 2010 and we also went back at did it in 2017 the day before TS's 50th anniversary meet. - Reports on Cingles du Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Galibier, Izoard, Tourmalet, Paris-Roubaix Sportive & Tour of Flanders Sportive, Amstel Gold Xperience, Vosges, C2C, WOTR routes....
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