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After yet more frustration with censored shifting on my current Boardman Pro Carbon 2017 bike I'm starting to wonder if a replacement may be a better option. Umpteen mechanics have all commented on how censored the internal cable routing is, and it's this that means that in the near 3 years I've had it, the shifting has always been temperamental at best. At this week's Struggle Moors it was unable to shift onto the biggest cog so ended up with yet another cable replacement which still didn't really sort things (I seem to have to replace the cable every couple of months but this was within 2 weeks!). The front disc brake has always been a pretty performer too - Shimano BR-RS785 calipers that seem to go very unresponsive on steep descents in particular.

Anyhoo - the question therefore arises of what I'd replace it with. Can anyone recommend a decent endurance focused road bike (aluminium or carbon) that has reliable shifting, good easy to maintain cable routing and reliable disc brake stopping power (would need this for all weather riding)? Budget would be 2k max (preferably lower but could go that far on a particularly strong recommendation). The main essence here is reliability and ease of maintenance (basically something pretty bullet proof that works as it should). Speed/weight less of a priority. Many thanks for any suggestions!


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,036
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    The shifting is unrelated to the brand of your bike.
    Sounds like a simple matter of fitting things properly and keeping them clean.

    Can't comment about the brakes, but again, unrelated to the brand of your bike. I think you want to take it to a different bike shop.

    However, if you want something simple that works well, look no further than a Dolan Prefissio, rim brakes and externally routed cables... it's always been a lovely frame and very reasonably priced... 105 or Ultegra depending on your pockets

    PS: it did rain even before 2014, when disc brakes became mainstream on road bikes... there is no evidence that the number of crashes has diminished since
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  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 11,644
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    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,736
    Giant Defy.
    Dolan Preffisio
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Cube Attain - just got the carbon version with discs. Really comfortable bike and although the cars are routed internally it routes the outers through the frame so shouldn't have any cable problems.
  • PMarkPMark Posts: 159
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    I personally think taking it to another shop might be a better option, you are going to have a hard time finding something comparable for under £2000 at the moment, unless you are OK with another Halfords bike.

    Another option might be to update to electronic shifting (then it won't matter if they can't fix your shifting) and upgrade your brakes. Should be able to do for less than £2000. Then if you sell your current groupset, you should be able to get a few hundred back.

    I was like you a few months ago, getting fed up with the issues on my road bike and was thinking of just replacing it. But did eventually manage to get the issues sorted in the end.
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