Recommendations on 28mm or 30mm wide tyres on a road bike?

Just wanted to get some opinions from the people regarding 28/30mm width tyres.

The type of riding I do mainly consists of just fast group rides during the weekends and training during the weekdays. I'm not really training for a particular event whatsoever but I do intend to train to increase my FTP. I've been using the Conti GP5000 in 25mm and it's about time to change it.

I ride a tarmac sl6 disc so in terms of tyre clearance there's loads of it (i think up to 32mm if I'm not mistaken)

I was looking to try something new as I like exploring new items and testing out for the fun of it and I am currently looking at the Vittoria Corsa G2.0 gumwalls either in 28mm or 30mm. I've read that the feel of the vittorias compared to the GP5000 is much softer and more comfy but they are prone to punctures. (if there are anyone who has used these tyres reviews on how they feel especially compared with GP5000s would be spot on :smile: )

I do know in terms of rolling resistance it is lower in wider tyres but there is a negligible difference due to the aerodynamic drag and weight etc. However, in terms of comfort, I've been reading and been told that wider tyres feel amazing on the road and it is clearly noticeable.

So I was wondering are 30mm wide tyres too wide for a road bike meant to be for road racing? Or are 28mm wide tyres the perfect width for road racing in terms of comfort, rolling resistance and feel?


  • akh
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    I've ridden both 25mm and 28mm GP4000S IIs (which measure more like 27mm and 31mm respectively on my wheels). I didn't noticed a speed difference but I wasn't looking too closely.

    The 28s are noticeably, but not massively, more comfortable on rougher roads if you drop the pressure accordingly, they feel the same if you pump them to a similar firmness (the pressure will be different for a given level of firmness).

    I imagine there's a lot of overlap in tyres nominally rated 28mm or 30mm. Unless I've found a measurement online, I tend to assume a +/- 2mm variation from the rated size when buying a tyre I'm not familiar with anyway.
  • N0bodyOfTheGoat
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    28mm GP5000s should size up to ~29mm given a bit of time, the 32mm was a smidgen over 30mm on my rear 19mm internal rim width Fulcrum wheel when fitted a few months back.
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    Pros are still using 23mm tyres where speed is a primary concern: MvDP was using 23mm Vittoria Corsa Speed tubeless in this year's tour TT. Outside Paris-Roubaix, I doubt if any pros are racing on 30mm, with 25mm being the norm. There is no doubt wider tyres are both heavier and less aero than narrower counterparts. You also need to consider your rim width and the Rule of 105

    What pressures are you running? With tubeless setups, where pinch flats are not a concern, you can drop the pressure to gain comfort without sacrificing weight and aero of going to 30 mm tyres.
  • singleton
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    I've got 28mm Vittoria Corsa G2.0 and am very happy with them.

    On my roval CL50 wheels (20.7mm int, 29.4mm ext width) they measure about 30.5mm wide, they ride nicely and seem to be wearing pretty well.
  • vegas76
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    I've just ordered Goodyear F1... For my hunt limitless to go on a wilier cento10.

    Fed up of the very difficult gp5000 tubeless.

    Will report on how it goes.
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    As an aside, at what point do people think that big is too big?

    ie - the rolling resistance and balloon like ness overtake perceived benefits.
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • molteni_man
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    I bought a second hand SuperSix Evo ( the 2nd model). The bloke who owned it before me had fitted 28mm GP5000 s. I would have probably stuck with 25mm tyres, having previously used GP4000 s in 25mm, if it hadn’t been for this, but I have to say they seem to be a great size with the balance of decent comfort and speed. I think I will stick with them when it comes to replacing. ( Incidentally they are a fab tyre with fantastic grip) . I have an older Tarmac which only take up to 25mm ( currently has the older GP4000s which do come up’big’. The 25mm work well too, but not quite so comfortable, especially on Hampshire’s awful roads!