28mm Tubeless Tan Wall recommendations

Looking to switch to 28mm and at the same time thought I'd try tan walls. Any recommendations from anyone? I can either see 28mm or tan wall, but not 28mm tan walls. Would have to be a UK stockist.


  • kylekoh00
    kylekoh00 Posts: 9
    Not a tubeless expert cause I mainly use tubes for convenience but Conti's GP5000 seems to be a good shout if you're looking for 28mm TL tyres.

    Another good shout is the Schwalbe Pro One TLE addix (i believe that is how its being spelt) they have it both in 28mm either in tan walls or not. Apparently they are really nice because they make tubeless easy especially because of the efficacy in mounting these tyres on to the rim.

    But if you really are particular you can check bicyclerollingresistance and see the rolling resistance as well :smiley: