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Concorde Freccia Racing


I did put a post on RetroBike but have had no joy as of yet.

I am familiar with the Concorde range of bicycles but I wondered why some were badged up as Freccia Racing?

I have found the odd one or two on line but little information.

I have acquired one which again you will find the pics on the other website...sorry.

It is an el frame and forks.

Any info would be nice?

Thank you


  • elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 7,078
    Sounds like it was a Team name?
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  • figus1979figus1979 Posts: 22
    Maybe not a very successful team lol.

    Thanks for that comment I will have have a go at searching the internet in that vein.

    I have seen a Concorde branded bicycle in the the same colours and design as my Freccia. It was not you normal frame as it wasn't round tubing from memory.

    Oh well hopefully somebody will turn up with a piece of info...

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