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Chainring advice

OK, I own a 2019 Stumpy fitted with a Raceface 30t chainring, I'm investigating if it is OK to replace the existing ring with a 28t or even 26t as I do a lot of climbing and I'm not getting any younger :-( !!I'm not worried about top speed so could this work for m?. Also I think my chainring is a Cinch direct mount but it's difficult to find all the info I need to insure I order the right part and tools. Can someone on here advise me please. Thank you.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Depending upon how the ring is fastened to the crank, you may not be able to go below 30t.m Stumpy owners on here will be able to advise exactly.
    Alternatives include:
    Get a wider range cassette, with a bigger ring.
    Get an emtb!
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