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Samsung mirrorlink to car satnav help required.

Hopefully someone can help me out as google has failed me so far. Currently have a Samsung A20 android phone and a 2018 Citroen C3 that until recently the satnav etc worked great. Unfortunately Samsung or android have ditched mirrorlink. i can get phone connectivity no problem but i cannot get satnav / googlemaps on the car screen. I've tried Android auto, waze plus some others to no avail. changed USB lead over to a brand new OEM one. Has anyone else had this issue and managed to sort it out. Final resort will be finding my old satnav out. Just annoying as effectively i have a car with inbuilt satnav connectivity that i cannot use.
Too many bikes according to Mrs O.


  • morstarmorstar Posts: 6,065
    It’s the android auto bit you need to persevere with I think.
    That is the connectivity platform you must use if mirror link has been dropped.
    Apps like waze run over android auto connection.

    Personally, despite having a modern car, I always found the android stuff a bit flaky so bought a stand-alone anyway. Seems daft to use but the apart from an under specced processor, the hands free and functionality is seamless.

    Did try IOS but even then the connection wasn’t as reliable as I had expected from apples closed system.

    Windows phone car integration was head and shoulders above where both iOS and Android are now, several years after its demise.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,453
    The original mirrorlink worked great and because it used Google maps I got live updates and traffic. Never had an issue with it myself, suspect alot of other upset drivers looking for an alternative.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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