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7-speed freewheel - swapping cogs

Is it straightforward to remove the 14t cog from a Shimano 14-34t freewheel and replace it with a 11t cog from say a 11-28t Shimano freewheel?


  • Apparently dismantling freewheels is not recommended.

    Personally I doubt it would work as they are all a very specific shape with grooves to make them fit a freehub
  • Sorry I've just reread this and realised I got the wrong end of the stick.

    All I know is that dismantling them can be problematic but not sure if this includes changing the ratios
  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    the answer to the question ow easy is....... it depends on the age and design of the freewheel you have to hand.

    in any case, you can buy a 7 speed 11 -34 freewheel for about a tenner on line. nice and new, unworn,

    I'd still be tempted to do the franken freewheel just to see, and if you do would you post pics?

    there is info from Sheldon here,
  • Back in the day when I were a lad, we were always taking cogs off and swapping ratios. Individual rings were freely available. You just bought a free hub body and put your chosen rings on.

    Flat course had one set of ratios, hilly courses had different. Now you have to buy the complete assembly, albeit with a greater choice.

    So yes, it always was easy to do. Whether your suggested alterations are sensible I'll leave others to comment on.
    Frank Yates
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