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Wanting information on my bike

First time ever posting on a bike forum. I have a mountain bike that needs repaired and looking information on how its done. I was thinking of throwing it out but thinking now i might aswell save it. Its been lying out in the open shed for a few years but wanting to get back into some sort of exercise and no better way than to get on my bike!

My gears not working properly but will it be a case of just changing the gear changers or other sections of the bike.

Will post pics soon


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,988
    Your best bet is identify what's actually wrong. Gears not changing after a few years storage could be corroded gear cables or stuck shifters or rear mech. Best bet is watch a few youtube tutorials relevant to your problem. Parktools is a good starting point.
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  • Remove the gear cables from the bike and fit new, should cost less than £10 for an inner wire and an outer. New cables fix most shifting problems assuming it's set up OK.
    Don't try dismantling the shifters without taking great care. There is a big spring in there and lots of small bits that once they have fallen out don't look as though they ever belonged and have no obvious place to go.

    Remove the rear mech and give it a good clean with a tooth brush and some bike cleaner or just hot soap and water if you don't have any cleaner. Dry it, lube it and refit.

    If your bike has more than one gear up front, then repeat for the front cables, shifter and mech.

    This will all take a few hours, but consider it payback time for al the hours you haven't spent looking after the bike so far. :)
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