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Water bottle cage recommendations?

can anyone recommend a water bottle cage for an enduro bike, just bought a nuke proof mega 275, first proper mtb so would prefer to have it on the bike rather than lugging it on my back on shorter rides,



  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
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    Have a look at Fidlock cageless water bottles. They do standard bolt mounts and a universal band mount which should help finding somewhere suitable to place it on an Enduro frame.

    A bit pricey but they work well and keep bottle secure when the trail gets rough!
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    I bought a side load water bottle cage for my 25 oz. It's a bottle perfectly from SAVADECK. Its CNC construction and thermal treatment make this enclosure super thin and lightweight at only 22 grams. I went over some rough roads, and the bottle didn't move at all. You can slide the bottle from the top or push it through the side opening. I also enjoy a rust-free and easy-to-clean side bottle cage thanks to its matte and powder-coated surface.
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