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26er aren't dead

Carbon 26er rigid
Trimble 26er wight weanie 13lb 7oz


  • scotttomoscotttomo Posts: 531
    "If i was a slug i don't think i could handle it, i'd just throw myself in the salt pot" -Karl pilkington

    Whyte 46, i fall off it alot!!
  • CargobikeCargobike Posts: 748
    I've just started a restoration of my Klein Adroit that has been in the back of the garage for far too many years. Old school, cool as f**k!
  • Charlie_CrokerCharlie_Croker Posts: 1,533
    That picture reminds me of Graeme Obree's Old Faithful

  • Fuji tahoe pro 26er. Little lockdown project. She's been in bits in the garage for past 4years.
  • 2002 Gary Fisher back on the trails after probably 10 years in the garage . . .

    Got a place in the Pyrenees.
    Do bike and ski stuff.
  • My 26’er Santa Cruz Chameleon

  • junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,728

    My 26’er Santa Cruz Chameleon

    Love this!!!! I got an NS Surge (bright yellow) back in '08 but I really wanted one of these! ...Are those z1 freerides?

  • I still prefer riding a 26'er on twisty singletrack.
    European Van Courier Ltd
  • Oooh!
    Reminds me that I have a Klein Adroit lurking somewhere in the back of the garage.
    That'll be a trip down memory lane.
    Used to messenger on it back in the late 90's.
    That's the winter project sorted.
  • I love riding my 26ers, even now that I’m building a sick hardcore hardtail, I’ll still keep these ones around

    My 1996 klein pulse race, Wich is my all out xc race horse, it does everything I want it too, it does bike park laps, and 60 mile xc rides with no issue.

    Next is my 1990 claudbutler singlespeed ratbike. I love the look of this bike, the purple steel frame just looks so good so I use it for commuting now
  • davep1davep1 Posts: 828
    26ers aren't dead?! I don't know anything else!

    This a 90's Boardman Comp, my regular MTB. I have an older heavier Specialised Hard Rock too, which is nominally my son's, but in reality is my reserve.

    I've tried a 29er, which was faster downhill but I am too old and broken from road bike crashes to want to go faster down a hill off road, and less agile when you want to man handle it round tricky obstacles.
  • parmosparmos Posts: 94
    edited January 2021

    two Full Susp MTb,s are 26ers
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