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Canyon Neuron or Lux

Hey there!

I'm having a hard time whether to get Canyon Neuron or Lux.

There's no big mountains (well let's say no mountains almost, just little hills) where I live and I usually ride cross country skiing tracks in the woods, mostly for workout, sometimes also single tracks.
I have a BMX freestyle background though (from long time ago), so I know a little how to jump. So maybe I would ride more little trails when I would get a bike that's fun and safe for it.

I could get pretty high end bike. High end Neuron is not that much heavier than Lux.

Any help?




  • If I was you I would get the Neuron, I believe it is more comfortable??? Maybe? And the extra travel will be more forgiving. However the most important thing is what do YOU feel like doing? See what style suits you the best, try a bit of cross country and then go try a bit of trail riding. If you are really serious about your fitness and feel like the extra 320g is going to slow you down then get the Lux but if you enjoy riding trails and doing jumps get the Neuron. It's up to you!
  • Please note that I haven't ridden the Neuron or Lux and cannot provide you real life experience, I suggest you look for some one who does and ask them for their advice as well.Good Luck!
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