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Campag cassette with Shimano drivetrain?

Hi folks. Got the chance of a set of zondas with an 11 speed miche cassette, can I use this with a Shimano chain and chainset?



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  • mrdsgsmrdsgs Posts: 337
    assuming that you also have shimano levers and mechs and you are referring to a miche campag cassette then the above thread says "yes", but not always absolutely perfectly. If the miche cassette is shimano then the answer is "yes, obviously!" You can obviously just change the miche cassette for a shimano or campag one depending on which free hub is on the zondas.
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  • Thanks. The zondas have a campag freehub and was looking for the cheapest way to run it without splashing out for a new shimano freehub body.
  • alanyualanyu Posts: 73
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    Campy's spacing between each cog is roughly 0.04mm larger than Shimano's, which is still in the clearance of the sproket. Thus they are compatible, but not perfect and you may feel the shift between some gears slower.
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