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Campag 11 speed EPS

Can I fit a 32 sprocket on my Campag super record 11 speed EPS cassette?.


  • Only the 12-speed mechanical or EPS mechs are designed to take the newer cassette, as well as some of the 11-speed mechanical groups that have the medium cage option for the rear mech. 11-speed EPS rear mechs are all the one size and can, at a push, take 30 on the back of you run a Shimano/SRAM freehub.
  • rjgrrjgr Posts: 52
    From memory the Campag paperwork (which is generally long on warnings that “ .... serious bad outcomes - even death may occur... “ if you don’t get your wrenching done by a Campag approved mechanic) says maximum rear cog for 11 speed eps derailleur is 27. I am running a Campag 11-29 cassette with absolutely no issues, reasonable clearance, perfect changes and not the slightest sign of imminent death! On that basis I suspect @thegreatdivide is right 30 max. It might depend on your mech hanger because Campag mechs don’t have a ‘B screw’ to fine adjust the offset of the top jockey wheel from the cassette.
  • It's just the 11/29 that they say not to use, the 12/29 is fine. It's the 11 cog that's meant to kill kittens if you run it.

    The Campagnolo B screw is on the side of the mech next to the cage.
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