brake shoe compatibility

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Hopefully a quick thread... I have found 2 new shimano R55C3 brake pads (105/ultegra) in my shed, both have 'R' on them so although look identical, they have a slightly different curve to them.

I want to replace the rear pads on my SRAM rival setup with them.

So 1, can one of the pads designed for the right be used on the left and 2, will they be okay for SRAM - they fit ok but want to check on here in case my brake caliper blows up into a million pieces.



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    FWIW I got paranoid as have expensive rims so got replacements with new pads
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    If you google those you will see they are sold as a pair, with the L being a mirror image of the R. The pad is shaped a specific way, and has a slot in the rear for the locking screw. So L and R are different.
    You may get yours to fit, but it isn’t designed to work that way. I wouldn’t do it.