Fulcrum freehub grinding when freewheeling

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I have a set of Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG wheels, with a Fulcrum freehub body, believe it's the R0-113 model.

It recently started grinding when free-wheeling only at a certain point (i.e when my right foot was at the 6 o'clock position), in other positions it was fine when free-wheeling.

I noticed the outer bearing on the freehub body had a little bit of play so I removed both bearings, stripped it down, thoroughly cleaned it, replaced the freehub body with two new bearings, everything back together and it is still the same.

I've checked the axle for any play and it is fine, spins freely and the pre-load adjusting collar is fine also.

I think possibly the freehub may just be on its way out but was wondering if there was anything else I could check first before splashing out £60+ for a new freehub body.


  • no point in stripping down cartridge bearings and cleaning them. They were worn before you did that and I can assure they have been damaged in removal so are even worse now.

    Its a new freehub. The campagnolo FH-BUU015 body is the same part. If you have the alloy body then its FH-B0O15 but that freehub has bearings with poorer seals I think (no seal on the side facing another bearing). The campagnolo parts somehow are cheaper than the fucrum parts because the fulcrum distirbutor are not involved.
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  • Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I think you misunderstood. I stripped the freehub body down, removed the old bearings and threw them away. Cleaned the freehub body thoroughly and replaced it with some brand new bearings.

    Basically followed this Cycling Weekly video down to the T.


    If a new freehub body is def needed then I want to go for an alloy one instead of current aluminium material one as it easy gets bite in from the cassette. Want something more durable.
  • There could be axle wear. this happens if the bearing sieze and the inner race turns on the axle. Play could also be bearing seat awer in the freehub. Without seeing it it dififcult to tell. If the hub shell bearings have no play then the problem has to be the freehub or the axle it runs on.

    The BUU015X1 freehub is made of steel for the shimano variant. normally people get cassette bititng when they have not done the lockring up tight enough. 40 Nm is normally enough and it more than you thing unless you have a good torque wrench to inform you.
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