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The Official UCI 2019 Yorkshire road World Championships ***Spoilers***



  • US rider hits polish soigner in the feedzone. Painful whack to her elbow. Fortunately only 1 rider down.

    Pace looks a bit too sedate really. Needs a bit more pressure to thin out numbers.
  • US rider who fell (eva sykes) who was down for quite some time has rejoined the back of the race - joining a couple of dutch stragglers and 2 others.
  • the chauvinist pig in me does reluctantly accept I couldn't keep up with these ladies.
  • 5 chasers including Eva Sykes and 2 dutchies are working well together but still about 1.10 behind.

    Peloton not really pushing on.
  • Watching the U18 men yesterday I was terrified for them weaving over the central whitelines in the miserable conditions.

    Today there is a clear 1/2m gap down the middle of the peloton whenever catseyes appear.

    Question - commentator just mentioned that the ladies are on restricted gears - is that right?

    Chasers can now see the cars, gentle tailwind.
  • DeadCalmDeadCalm Posts: 3,453
    It's a real shame Ethan Hayter isn't riding the men's u23 race later. He and Pidcock could have been as dominant as Simmons and Sheffield in the junior race. Still fancy GB to get a win though, most likely (but not necessarily) through Pidcock.
  • Did he say why not?

    Bit more pace in the peloton. 5 chasers stuck at 1.10
  • Reconfirmed restricted gears. 52 x 14.

    Bit of a break with a french (working) and chilean (drafting) rider.
  • 25s for the 2 out front. Chilean (no teammates in the peloton) doesn't come through yet.

    Lots of action in the peloton, the 5 chasers a lot closer, but i've not yet seen them on screen.

    Chilean rider now starting to work.
  • Gap up to 30s. 5 chasers with a lot more stragglers are at the back of the team cars.
  • GB leads the peloton through Wetherby (sp?).

    Starting to line out.
  • pissing it down in harrogate apparently. 30mins to arrival, more or less.
  • Italians working hard to close the gap.

    RSA rider down at the back of the peloton.

    Gap slowly coming down as GB joins the chase. 25s
  • 12k to go. 23s for leaders.

    Chase is full on though as peloton is lined out.

    Roads more rolling now as riders get shelled
  • Long garden been mowed widthways. Committed gardener there.
  • 10k to go and spots of rain on camera lens.

    Peloton back together and 2 leaders have 26s still.
  • Peloton working again, but gap steady at 28s with 8k to go.
  • Chilean rider goes free solo with 6.8k to go. very few seconds though, maybe 12-13
  • Peloton really pushing. French rider caught.
  • 8s to the leader. Not a chance.
  • Big crash - Belgian rider hits a plastic bollard, but sitting up, if a little dazed.
  • ProssPross Posts: 23,290
    Big move. 4 off the front. no GB represented. NL and IT chasing.

    GB riders supporting Ellie Baxted, the fave I noted above now also moving to the front.

    Backstedt surely, as in her dad Magnus?
  • gweedsgweeds Posts: 2,152
    Yep. She came in 5th
    Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter.
  • poor final corner at a critical stage by GB
  • Russian TT gold and US favorite off the front.
  • 50m gap. leaders working together
  • Russian rider throws away silver playing silly buggers.
  • gweeds wrote:
    Yep. She came in 5th

    I'm guessing I have a significant time delay!
  • gweedsgweeds Posts: 2,152
    censored . Sorry if that was a spoiler. Not intentional.
    Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter.
  • Don't worry about it. My bbc feed is running a bit slow.

    Eleanor sadly took that last corner terribly, needing to be way further to the front, so the Russian and US riders had it in the bag from there. Well, until the Russian starting playing games she was never going to win and then lost 3 or 4 places in the final sprint.
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