Why didn't this seal & can I fix it or new tyre?

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Hi all
I got my first flat on tubeless rear wheel.
35mm G Ones on Hunt wheels set up tubeless from new about 6 month old.
Tyre went flat I think going over a pot hole, I must of stopped dozen of time to pump tyre back up, hoping/expecting the sealent to seal it but never did

Fluid came out the valve at one point when I was attaching the pump but nother on the tyre near the little hole in tyre, not messey like reports I read

How do i add photo?


Can i fix it with a worm or something or do i need new tyre?
So i need to look at replacing sealent in the front tyre too just in case?
Any help appreciated
Thanks Andy


  • david7m
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    How much sealant did you put in?
  • andyh01
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    I haven't put any sealant in, it was already set up tubeless when I brought it six month ago and as no problem, not touched it.
    I am aware sealant needs topping up every so often (6-8 months more so in hot weather) but as I say fluid was leaking out the valve as I was connecting the pump to it, which would suggest the fluid is still runny but its not even attempted to congeal around the area of tyre where the hole/cut is.

    I have used air compressor to inflate the tyres periodically as they occasionally do go a bit softer and I know they say some sealant can dry out when using c02 and I don't know what sealant Hunt use although it appeared to be orange liquid in colour when leaked out of the valve.
  • svetty
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    Odd that no sealant pissing out of the hole - assuming that this is indeed where the air is escaping?
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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    Your sealent seems becoming too weak as you have already ridden on it for six months. I usually add/change the sealent around per 3~5 months (-5C in winter & 35C in summer).

    When the sealent can not do its job, I always try the inner tube patch, like: https://www.wiggle.com/lifeline-puncture-repair-kit/
    It usually works well.
  • andyh01
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    Svetty wrote:
    Odd that no sealant pissing out of the hole - assuming that this is indeed where the air is escaping?

    Yep definitely can hear it n put finger over it, it stops going down .

    As I say, the sealent is still fluid like just not congealing.

    Is it worth trying to add new sealent into the tyre and see if it'll seal? Or do I need to first boot it from the inside?
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    That looks like a fairly big cut - How big is the hole in the carcass? I'd try a worm and new sealant rather than trying to boot it from the inside. I would guess that the sealant has separated - You still have fluid in there, but the bits that actually do the sealing have probably come out of the solution and are therefore pointless.
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    Yeah, so short answer to why it didn't seal is that your sealant is 6 months old. Put more in.

    This might not seal it but certainly has a better chance

    Top up a little bit every 3-4 months probably a good bet.
  • andyh01
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    So I've taken the tyre off, no fluid left in the tyre and little mess.

    It doesn't look as though there's a big cut in the tyre that's gone all the way through.

    The photo with the green pen is the inside directly opposite the tear on the outside

    Hunt say they use Peatys sealent so will have a look what they say how often to top up etc, as now concerned about the front too.

  • andyh01
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    Peaty’s tubeless sealant is an ammonia-free, non-hazardous, latex-based tubeless tyre compound. Our sealant lasts up to 6 months in the tyre in temperate climates*, won’t ball up in the tyre and is easily washed out with water.

    Also says c02 compatible

    What be a good sealent to use, don't want spend loads as not sure if tyre will seal .I have access to a air compressor.

    Also do I need to glue side of tyres to rim or will they just pop back on ?
  • yellowv2
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    I would suggest Caffelatex sealant.
  • andyh01
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    So I've had a chance to look at it... I put the tyre back on the rim, tried my hand pump but no joy so I stuck the compressor on it and it seems to have seated and inflated, heard a few pings and seems to be staying up.

    I haven't as yet put any sealant in, patched the inside or used worms or anything.... So why didn't hold pressure at the road side when I pumped it up?

    So I'm wondering whether it would've sealed at the road side but my pump (Cheap Aldi) wasn't good enough to re-seat at the road side and air was leaking from the side as well? Although I hadn't taken the tyre off at road side just kept stopping and pumping up.
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    So Hunt wheels suggest carrying co2 at roadside but I thought most sealants don't like co2 due to the coldness?
    The, Peaty says co2 comparable however not readily available at shops.
    I've just brought some Orange sealant as more ready available but means going have clean both tyres out.
    Got an 8oz bottle with injector for £15 from lbs (not Evans that advertising it for £12)
  • andyh01
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    well that was an interesting experience, I've now got the tyre back inflated with new sealant in. Stayed up overnight.
    Some fluid leaked out during inflating at the bottom where it came over the side of the tyre on the ground, as well as around the edges when seating and also from the small hole in the tyre. I wish now I had patched it from the inside, oh well.
  • cycleclinic
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    Sealant may fix that or it may let go once fixed. I see sealant as something to seal porosity in tyres and the rim tyre Interface. If can seal punctures then great but I don't rely on it.

    During Paris best Paris this week I punctured about 900km in. The sealant, sealed but let for again about 10km later. I stopped and whipped my maxalami repair kit and inserted a small tyre worm. It sealed and was fine there after.

    If you know there is fresh sealant in there then it may be shove a tyre plug in there. Not all plugs are equal though. The plugs that most people buy and not that sticky and blow out. The other mistake is to use co2 to inflate the tyre fully but the plug repair can take 24 hrs to set and take normal pressures. Often I find a lower pressure is all it can hold before pushing out. After 24 hrs though main thread repairs are normally well sealed enough to hold 80 psi again. That may be 50 psi initially and if using a hand pump that's probably all I want to do anyway. If you see the plug starting to push out, reduce the air pressure.

    Yes the tyre is fixable. I have fixed worse and ridden it.
    http://www.thecycleclinic.co.uk -wheel building and other stuff.