Replacement hanger for Giant Defy 2016

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Hi, my hanger snapped a few days ago on my way to work, just less than 150 metres from my work office.

The shimano 105 derailleur got caught in the spokes and the wheel span the derraileur around and stopped after spinning three quarters. The spoke in the wheel is a little bent because of the derailleur, I may have to get a mechanic to true it back. The derailleur itself doesn't seem damaged, I won't know until after I got a new hanger.

Does anyone know which shop or website that sells spare hangers? Specific to my bike? I think Giant Contend series share the same hanger as the aluminium Defy (2016 or older) series. I need screws for the hanger too, after inspection I noticed one is missing. It must have got lost after my hanger died.



  • david7m
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    Try bikeaider on Ebay, screws can be added for £1.
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    Pedalon have always been my go to Giant shop, call them if the screws are not listed they are always helpful.

    In fact try that.
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    This website's url is pretty self-explanatory...
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    Superstar components are pretty good too. Enter bike make and then just match up the remains of yours to the picture.
  • Thank you all. I eventually bought the hanger on eBay from BikeAider. I will remember giant bike spares website for future reference.

    After installing the new hanger, I got a new problem:

    The chain won't stay on the bottom jockey wheel when I rotate the pedal. The edge of the chain link gets caught on top of the wheel teeth instead of sitting on it properly and then gets trapped between the cage wall and the jockey teeth. Then the whole drive train is jammed.

    I looked at my derailleur and the cage is pointing away from the bike, its not parallel with the bike frame nor the cassette gear cogs so to me, that means the derailleur is fucked. I can't be bothered to bend my new hanger to accommodate the broken derailleur so it looks like I have to buy a new 105 11-speed derailleur.

    I will need a new chain too, its stretched. I hope stretched chain is not the cause of jamming the jockey wheel.

    What should come first? New chain or new derailleur? Or both at the same time? Cheers.
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    Sounds like the derailleur got mangled when it went into the wheel. You might be able to bash the cage back into shape, but a new derailleur will probably save you a lot of hassle. And if your chain is worn you need to replace that too before it starts to have an effect on the cassette and chainrings which would then be £££