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SRAM AXS 12 speed cassette on ultegra 11 setup?

silviullsilviull Posts: 16
edited July 2019 in Workshop
there are very little info regarding the pitch of the new 12 speed SRAM AXS cassette, but it seems that 3.65mm is the number. if the pitch of a shimano 11 road cassette is 3.69, may be possible to just change the hub (an XDR hub adapter is 49EUR), put an AXS cassette (force 1270 is 139EUR) and a 12 speed chain (24EUR) on my ultegra 11 speed setup and have "the poor man's mechanical 12 speed" ?
if the numbers regarding the cog pitch are correct, is the 0.04 mm difference important? does the 12 speed SRAM chain need a special pulley on the rear derailleur?
on paper seems quite possible, but....


  • akhakh Posts: 133
    How would you shift onto the twelfth sprocket when the shifter only has 11 clicks?
  • silviullsilviull Posts: 16
    oh, does it? i guess i have my answer...
    the only advantage would be a different gear ratios...
  • akhakh Posts: 133
    The shifter does all the indexing, the internal mechanism will only have as many positions as it needs for its intended use.

    It's unlikely you'd even get the 11 gears to work because of different cable pull rations. You'll need to verify if the cable pull ratio is the same between shimano 11 speed and Campagnolo 12 speed (it probably isn't).

    This video explains the concept.
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