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First official TT - mildly disappointing



  • CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
    cruff wrote:
    Do yourself a favour and post over on timetriallingforum

    There are any number of people there who will help you out - much more knowledgeable than me or any of the other choppers on here :lol:

    If you ask nicely and post a picture of yourself, some of them will even give you pointers on making improvements based on your position

    As for expecting a sub 24 minute on a course based on a specific wattage - so many other factors come into play that it's not possible to be anything like that precise. Wind, air pressure, road surface, applying a bit extra in the right places, technique at the turn, draft effect from passing traffic etc. etc.. There's a tool called MyWindsock (developed by a bloke who rides one of my local 10s actually) that will make a reasonable fist of telling you what your time *should* look like on a given course, with the power number you enter, on a given date, with the forecast weather - but even this isn't infallible. I've 'beaten' my expected time for a 10 by over a minute (good legs) and been 'slower' by over 30 seconds (sh*t legs)

    Well, I have til next spring to work on pedalling harder.

    Might sign up for timetriallingforum, but I don't want to go too far down the tester route! May even post a photo, but I generally try and keep my TT look for as small an audience as possible :)
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