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Visitor to England needs mechanical help.

Jan MartenJan Marten Posts: 2
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Visitor to England needs mechanical help.

South African world tourer presently in Ludlow, Shropshire doing some major maintenance and refitting before heading to Russia in a month or so.

Problem: My 32 spoke Sun Ringle Disc Jockey rear hub requires new ratchet ring. I've managed to buy a new 24 hole hub, but now need to remove both ratchets for 'swap over'. Can't find anywhere to buy the proprietary 30 tooth tool. See attached pic.

Anyone nearby (Hereford, Shrewsbury areas) able to help. Willing to pay, within reason ;-) for the service or tool.

Contact Jan on [email protected]


  • lemonenemalemonenema Posts: 238
    I cant help myself as Im too far from you but have you tried Dave Mellor cycles in Shrewsbury
    9 New Street
    SY3 8JN
  • lemonenemalemonenema Posts: 238
    Good luck with your epic voyage, im a bit envious
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