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Best backpacking tent.

CistaCista Posts: 2
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I know this one has been beat to death and search yielded an overwhelming amount of information but....

I'm buying a new tent in the next few weeks as part of my sheep hunting prep and I'm looking for input- 3/4 season, weight under 6lbs., 2/3 person.

I've looked at the tipis as well as some serious 3 and 4 season mountaineering tents - both have their pros and cons.

Cost is a factor but not the biggest factor- I'm willing to pay for quality.

What are the rest of you using?


  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,431
    I have used Terra Nova and Hilleberg over many years Both have a good range of high quality lightweight tents suitable for 3/4 season use in Northern Europe. Expensive but worth it for serious use. I would personally avoid most US branded tents which have mesh inner tents - they may be cooler and better ventilated in summer but you need more protection from wind and rain in northern climes. I have personal experience of Terra Nova’s Solar range and Hilleberg’s Nallo range - there are various models and sizes for both - and can recommend them. If your budget doesn’t stretch, Terra Nova’s cheaper Wild Country models are worth considering.
  • chippykchippyk Posts: 529
    Hilleberg. But wisely on eBay and you’ll get your money back.
    Have a look here ... e-touring/
  • Sheep hunting doesn't mean sheep hunting like that woman in the news the other week does it?
  • I can't recommend my Nigor WickiUp 3 enough.

    It weighs under 2kg, with the full size inner it's pretty palatial inside (well, in tent terms anyway), you can decide on a half size inner which reduces weight and gives a huge porch area. The build quality is excellent, takes 5 mins to put up and can deal with high winds etc very well.

    Bad bits: The pole is quite chunky (but not heavy) and longer than some, so can be a pain to fit in bikepacking bags but wll go in panniers or a backpack fine. It's pretty expensive.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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