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Citroen 1.2 puretech owners

oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,453
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Folks having just killed my diesel cactus in a crash i am looking at a replacement Cactus or C3 with possibly a petrol engine. I haven't had a petrol car in years and wondered what the real life MPG i can expect from the 1.2 puretech engine. I've seen various official figures and honest john quotes but not many people have contributed figures. Thanks in advance. PS only casualty was the car.
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  • New petrol engines are very efficient, but ultimately it is down to how you drive... if you change gear at 5000 rpm, no engine is economical.
    I have a 0.9 Fiat Twin Air engine that gives me 55-65 mpg, which is some way better than any diesel I have owned.
    I would expect a modern 1.2 petrol to be comfortably over 50 mpg if you drive conservatively.
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  • laurentianlaurentian Posts: 2,237
    My 2l petrol Golf GTI gets 50mpg on a good motorway run (eco mode and cruise control engaged) so I would imagine a properly driven 1.2l would easily achieve that
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  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 12,163
    I can get 42 mpg out of a 3l twin turbo on a motorway run so trips like that are not really representative. A small engine is going to be working proportionally very much harder so won't be all that much better.

    What you really need to know is urban mpg.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,453
    Cheers Folks. I did have a modern diesel doing anything from 57 on local driving to 70 plus on motorway type driving without having to worry to much about a heavy right foot until i pranged it. I'm currently in a position i can get away with a petrol car as my mileage has reduced drastically since my eldest passed his test and got a car. The reason i asked is the citroen car i had previously also comes with the 1.2l puretech engine and it may be worth taking the hit on the MPG compared to previous car.
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  • About 48mpg on urban and only urban (stop start) etc in the Pug 2008. Easily 50 plus on combined. It’s a lovely engine.
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  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 54,616
    I can get 42 mpg out of a 3l twin turbo on a motorway run so trips like that are not really representative. A small engine is going to be working proportionally very much harder so won't be all that much better.

    Oxo, don't listen to all this stuff about small 'economical' cars, it's not true and here's the evidence: :)

    So buy yourself something fast, have fun and don't feel guilty :D
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  • pinnopinno Posts: 49,267
    I got in a Skoda Superbe taxi recently. It drove like a 2 litre and it was under 1000cc turbocharged. The auto DSG box was seemless. Really impressive car returning fantastic fuel consumption. Big too. Very surprising vehicle.
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,453
    Just bit the bullet and got 3 pot 1.2l C3, hopefully difference between old diesel and this one won't so bad. Thanks for everyone's help.
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  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652
    I've a 1 litre ford focus - I think it is a year old and it is useless on MPG - about 40! Even worse before I learned about switching off the ac. I just can't think of anything good about it - its an expensive car, useless mpg, expensive to service and insurance is sort of ok. Oh yes it is not fast and does not accelerate and the dark windows at the back piz me off. The mirrors fog up but the heated windscreen and the washer bottle capacity are fine. I discovered that it had 3 cylinders so maybe they forgot one - but hey - cheap on spark plugs. I later read that they are prone to catch fire which is unwelcome.

    I HAD to buy it instantly without review but tbh I dunno what I'd have got. Rather sadly I wanted a wheelchair mod van - for roadtrips and camping.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,453
    Update after 6 months plus driving it, Real MPG anything around 45 / 48 local driving and 50 / 60 on the motorway if not pushing it. Accelerates like a rocket if pushed near rev limit and only 1 or 2 up. If loaded and 4 up forget it and don't bother, very under powered if trying to overtake uphill. Please note mine is the lower bhp version. A few niggles i have, ican't stand the satnav as it links with mobile and won't let you alter or input routes unless stationary same with mobile if using satnav at same time. If mobile linked through bluetooth its not a problem. Lane departure thing is turned off as it doesn't like chevrons or slow down rumble strips painted on some junctions, loads on my way to work. Inbuilt dash cam is brilliant, got me out of hot water after pedestrian tried to screw me when he ran in front of me. Police charged him with wasting their time and attempted injury claim fraud. I didn't even hit him either, he ran across a lane of traffic then barrel rolled across in front of my car. Car has also saved me a few quid as even though loss of mpg the lower price of petrol has offset this and more, Hope this helps anyone else thinking of this car.
    Lagrange i'd already been put off the 1 litre fords as a mates lad had one torch on him.
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