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Advice for New Bike on my Horizon

HalCtxHalCtx Posts: 2
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I am new to the site and am hoping for some advice on a new road bike. I believe it is time to replace my 2003 64 CM Serotta Couer d' Acier with sloping top tube, Ultegra gear and Dura-Ace 180mm cranks.
This bike was fantastic when I bought it and after some time of just moving it around mostly, I am riding again, in Northern Italy. I visited a local bike shop to inquire about a compact crankset and found that it seems that I need to upgrade quite a few things to change my gearing. Referring to the ride quality, the Couer d'Acier is great with my only issue is with the front end on this one road on one of my routes. So thinking of that I am not sure I am too concerned about the rides of newer bikes unless someone has experienced some strong buzzing on a crummy road.

So, being that I am just above my mid 50's and don't ride as much as I did over 10 years ago, I began thinking about a new bike and have decided that disc brakes and electronic shifting are in my future. I am 6'3" and just under 200 lbs with more length in legs than torso. I don't have issue with my reach or back on rides, I never have.

Wilier, Canyon and Pinarello are brands I have been strongly considering but the Pinarello F10 or Prince only seem to accept up to 28mm tire.

The Canyon seems to be able to accept a 30mm tire but I have seen conflicting opinions on the ride quality of the front of the Canyon brand. Also Canyon really changed their packages for the new year with the Endurace and Ultimate bikes of which I would want the SLX versions.

I am drawn to the Wilier CENTO10NDR or maybe even the CENTO1NDR. I prefer the 10 only because I can get the custom paint, nicer group set, although Ultegra DI2 and Disc's are most likely more than sufficient for my future rides. I also like the ability to use 30mm tires if I choose.

Any advice would be helpful. I tried to look at Colnago, C64, but don't think they offer a frame size that will suit me.

Thanks in advance.


  • yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
    Bianchi has great range of sizes, and infinito CV that i have is a dream bike, comfortable and fast. Recently a friend a few years younger than you he bought the BMC road machine two 2, and he is very happy. Similar built like you too.
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