Will SRAM Red front 11 speed outer chainring work with 10 speed system?

Johnthomas Posts: 12
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Hi All, Will 11 speed SRAM Red outer chainring work with Sram Red 10 speed system?
(Are there any differences in the chainrings?)
Advice appreciated.


  • Me again, as long as the BCD is correct for the crank then yes, be aware of the hidden bolt rings that will require you to move a pin. I also run a Force 11 crankset with 10 speed shifters and mixtures of 11 / 10 speed derailleurs.

    To answer the second part, the ring is thinner I believe but not enough to effect anything.
  • Thank you, again. You are most helpful!
    Yes, 11 speed ring I m looking to replace my worn 10 speed ring with is hidden bolt type as is my existing one. Bcd 110. :D
    Thanks again. Much appreciated.