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Chris King R45 driveside clearance

964cup964cup Posts: 1,362
edited November 2018 in Workshop
I just built up a wheelset on CK R45. J-bend hubs, rear is 24h laced 2x driveside and radial non-drive using CX-Rays. Symmetric 55mm (Farsports) rim. Put the rear in my S3 and the eTap cage is fouling the driveside spokes in the largest cog (28). I assumed it was a problem with my build, so I swapped in some factory-built Enve 45 classics on the same hubset: same problem (in fact, worse if anything).

Working the crosses and the elbows with a soft mallet to straighten them out some more, plus a quarter turn of excess dish to the NDS has given me about 1mm of clearance at the closest point, but it doesn't seem ideal (although oddly the wheel appears now properly centred between the stays, whereas when correctly dished it looked a little over to the DS to my eyes). I'd be nervous about running a narrower-range cassette, like the 11-26 I normally use on that bike. No issues with the previous set of Zipp 404s (2017MY).

Tensions are even - it's tubeless, so they come out a little lower than I'd perhaps like once the tyre is on, but still 900N on the driveside according to my TM-1 (and yes, I know they can under-read, but the spokes "feel" right, too, and the wheel is plenty stiff enough). Wheel is true to within half a mm lateral and radial. God knows why I bother with that level of accuracy when the tyres are only broadly round (Schwalbe Pro 1) but hey, at least I know the wheel is good. And yes, I trued it up again once the tyre was on and inflated.

So...WTF? What am I missing? I'll try some other wheels in the bike to see if it's just these hubs, but it does seem a bit odd.


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