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R.D. Hanger Question

jonosasjonosas Posts: 42
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Hi guys can you tell me if this R.D.Hanger is straight, (see images below) I am hearing slight clicking noises from the 12th,14th,and 17th sprockets when going up the gears. Coming down the gears seems to be fine, only a slight clicking sound. Unfortunately the bike fell over !! on the drive side ,however it hit the pedals 1st on impact. done the indexing and all other sprockets are fine.212y2s5.jpg


  • jonosasjonosas Posts: 42
    Another picture abit further back 21orlvc.jpg Its the Ultegra 8000 R.D. Medium Cage and groupset. Any thoughts would be welcome, done the indexing and just cannot seem to get rid of that noise in those 3 sprockets .
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    Even if it looks straight, it may not be aligned. Only way to check it is to use a hanger alignment tool to check alignment. It can be bent or twisted, even by an amount imperceptible to the eye and cause your gears not t9 be able to index correctly.

    If you don’t have a tool and don’t want to spend out on one, take the bike to your local bike store and ask them to check alignment and indexing. They will sort the problem for you.

    Also, it may not be the hanger at fault. Could be cable inner/ outer, cable run, shifter problem, indeed any of a number of other possible causes.

  • jonosasjonosas Posts: 42
    Thanks Peter will take it to the LBS and get them to check it. 8) 8)
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