Is my SRAM Rival Front Mech both Braze on & Clamp Mounted

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Do the SRAM Rival front mechs come in this dual purpose variety ie the front mech can be detached from the clamp that goes round the seat tube? If I remove the chain guide thing it reveals another bolt which loosens the mech from the clamp & looks like the mech will also fit a braze on mount.

I want to swap parts from my old Planetx X London Rd which is clamp mounted to my new Kinesis Aithen frame which is braze-on but I dont want to buy a new mech if I dont have to. I cant find any definitive info online if this mech is a dual purpose mount...


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    Sounds like you're mistaking the screw that prevents the derailleur twisting towards the frame when Yaw is operated. The clamp on and braze on are completely different. You could mount a braze on derailleur to an aftermarket clamp on bracket, but not the other way around. If its Rival 22, you may have a braze on derailleur as the dealers just tended to add a band on clamp in the package.
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  • Thanks for your reply. I got an unused braze on for £15 so winning