Tyres for autumn (& winter)?

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Hi guys,

I have a Specialized Diverge A1 Sport which is currently fitted with Continental Gatorskin tyres. I bought a gravel bike so that I could do a mix of terrains. I do a mixture of B-road/country roads, canal tow paths and cycle paths (such as former railway lines). So anything from smooth roads to gravelly, rocky, bumpy paths. The tyres have been pretty resilient (no punctures so far!), but I wonder if I'd be better off in autumn and winter with some thicker, more grippy tyres. I want something pretty hard wearing as I want to be able to confidently ride over spiky twigs and other winter delights without worrying too much about punctures.

Any suggestions will be greatly received. I have no idea about budget, but nothing too high end.

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  • I've just fitted some Schwalbe G One Allround 35mm for the same reasons. I normally run 28mm GatorSkins for the rest of the year. So far (only 1wk) the G One's are looking very good although reports do suggest that they wear out fairly quickly as they are a soft compound. The grip is excellent on tracks and trails (tested this week) but they would soon find their limit with any mud as the tread pattern is very tight but that makes them roll very well on road.

    My logic also thinks that as they are soft (like winters tyres on a car) then they'll perform well on cold roads in winter vs hard wearing traditional road tyres, lets see in a few months... (Winter is coming)
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    Gatorskins are tough but not grippy enough for the terrain you're talking about. For that you'd be better off with the widest GP4 seasons you can fit or something like the Panaracer Gravel King.
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    I have used some 25cc Marathons over the bad weather with good results and they run at a lower pressure so have a bit more comfort.
  • schwarlbe durano double defense. 13 months and going strong! Installed for the back wheel, 28c at 90 psi. I stopped using Marathons as i think my durano is a bit lighter and rolls more.
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    Either try the Panaracer Race D Evo 3 or the Panaracer Gravel King depending on your bike handling skills on dirt.
    Maybe people use Conti Gatorskins (too hard and plasticy) and GP4 Seasons (cotton sidewalls unwrap and too hard) simply because GP4000S2 are a go to summer tire. Truth is there is better out there in endurance tires. Forget the Schwalbe Duranos they are hopelessly slow compared with other options.
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    I have used Gatorskins on my TCX1, okay for normal roads - however, if you're riding country/ rural roads, then in winter you will need something to deals with all the rubbish that is on the surface; so something with tread or knobs. Panaracer GravelKing SK are ideal.
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  • For the price of £13 each, https://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/TYSCMRCFO ... -raceguard are hard to beat for a 38mm tyre. I paid £20 each for my pair from nextdaytyres in summer (2016?), they roll really well on the road at higher pressures and grip well off the beaten track at lower pressures.
    Currently got one on the Voodoo 29er rear wheel, I'm trying to decide this morning whether to keep it on for tomorrow's "feels like" -1C commute in tomorrow morning, or replace it with a 45Nrth Gravdal, like I will be doing on the front tyre (which has a 700x28 Grand Sport Race). Had one fairy visit that would have done almost every tyre, a ~1" screw that literally screwed through the protection layer between adjacent "shield" tread patches, loads of life left in tyre.

    I recently swapped the 700x28 GP4000S IIs on my Cube for a pair of 700x28 Vittoria Rubino Pro G+, they seem ok, had a fairy visit from an arrow-shaped flint on a 80-odd mile South Downs ride a month ago.

    Bought a pair of 700x28 4 Seasons the other week, plus a pair of 700x28 Vreestein Fortezza All Weather, during Merlin's promo sale... But yet to try either.
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  • I use a Marathon Plus on the rear (because I hate punctures, and it’s always the rear that goes), and something grippy on the front (currently a Senso Xtreme I think). Personally I’d prefer something a bit less like a dead weight on the back wheel, but it’s about as close to puncture proof as you can get. It’s also almost removal-proof.
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  • If it’s a Hybrid / MTB, go for Schwalbe Marathon +. If a road bike, Schwalbe Durano+ are superb.