Salzburg > Grado (via the Alps)

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Anybody ever cycled this route? It looks pretty flat (except for one peak), despite passing through the Alps:

Interested to know more about terrain and surface. Plus recommendations for accommodation and cost.


  • I live in Salzburg, and road quality wise, the Austrian roads are excellent, so that is nothing to worry about.

    I haven't done this route but I suspect it has a lot of gravel. Am suprised it is as flat as that - the route generally cuts through the alps and some pretty big ones at that, but it looks like it goes relatively close to the main roads.

    How much travelling do you want to do per day? The recommended amount is pretty meagre, which would explain how easy it may seem at first.

    Would definitely make a stop off in Venzone - beautiful little town on the south side of the alps.
  • Thanks for the tip about Venzone. I will definitely bear that in mind.

    I agree the website shows fairly short stages. I would aim to do 100km a day, so should be possible to do in 4 days (5 days max.).

    I think the main issue is the steep (but short) climbs up and around the railway tunnel, but should be easy enough to negotiate.

    I'll create a map of the full route and post here. Will give a better indication of elevations.
  • Here's the full route plotted on a map:

    You can see the elevation profile in the right hand column (click to expand). Unbelievable how relatively flat it seems considering it is slap bang through the middle of the Alps.
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    I've done the train journey from Saltzburg to Klagenfurt a few times and the train definitely climbs.....

    There do seem to be gravel paths along the line of the railways and always cyclists using them - so I'm sure you won't be alone.

    I'd make the detour down the side of the lake to Klagenfurt - visit the public baths there (Strandbad) - the lake - amazing facility. Stunning. YHA available there too.