Broken rim replace or buy new wheels.

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I'm after some advise.

I'm a complete novice at wheel repair and building I can true a wheel if it's out but that's about it.

I've got a pair of ambrosio i20 wheels and the rear has always had funny spoke tension the non drive side is no ware near as tight as the drive side, I didn't think anything of it cause they still ran true. I eventually decided to take them to a shop to be looked as cause I kept losing spoke tension on the non drive side.

They basically said the wheels is shot as it has been used with a buckle in the rim and the spokes adjusted to take the wobble of the rim.

So my question Is is the whole thing wheel dead or can I try and swop the rim for new one and get it checked once I've tried to tension it. Or is that something a complete newbie to wheel building shouldn't attempt.

The rim has a height of 26.5mm I can't find any on the internet that have to same rim height I gather that What is effects the spoke length.

Or should I just lob them in the bin and buy some mavic open pro's on miche hubs from somebody who knows what there doing.

Sorry for the long post, poor spelling and grammar

Thanks for any help though.


  • Personally, I can’t be arsed re rimming a wheel with existing spokes and hub, but if you want to learn how to build a wheel, then there’s an opportunity there.
  • Any ideas if a 25mm height rim would work
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    It might, best thing is to measure the 'effective rim diameter' or erd of the current rim - it's easier to do this with a rim that isn't built up - you need to measure the distance from the base of one of the nipples to the base of the nipple immediately opposite. It's good to do this in a few places to confirm or average the measurement.

    Then you add to that measurement the height of the two nipples - so if you have 12mm nipples, you add 24mm. If you aren't sure, take a nipple off and measure it.

    You can now look for a rim that has a similar effective rim diameter to rebuild it with.

    Depth of the rim is only ever a rough guide to erd, as it depends on how thick the nipple bed is, the shape of it, if the rim has eyelets etc.
  • The Ambrosio i20 uses the p20 rim. It's a good rim and if the wheel is built right then it won't loose tension.

    Non drive ride tension in a dished wheel will be lower than the D's. That's geometry, its normal.

    The shops response makes no sense. You say the wheel ran true. They say it has been run with a buckle in it. For the rim to be permanently bent it would have be so bent you could not turn it in your bike.

    When starting a build there can be several cm if lateral movement and the rim will be fine. On a fully tensioned wheel I can loosen of 4 spokes and retension and all will be well.

    The wheel is probably fine it just needs tensioning properly and the tensions evening out. I.e some one who does wheels. That lbs may be right if the rim is cracked but you have not as d that.

    The kinlin xr 26t has the same red but my guess is your current wheel is fine. Done lots of build with the p20 rim and it is a Good egg. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • like wot the clinic said, find a proper bike shop.