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DI2 Front Mech Position

gnavegnave Posts: 65
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Hey all,

In recent weeks I started having some issues with the chain slipping on the front from big to the small, it will mostly happen when hitting a bump in the road while pedalling. On my last ride, the chain slipped all the way inward risking the bike frame. Luckily no damage as I stopped moving my kegs ASAP.

Looking the to front mech I realised when the mech is on the big ring at the front and the rear mech is toward the back end (easy) side of the cassette. While turning the crank, I can push the chain from the big ring in the front to the small ring while the mech is still on the big ring.

Soi followed the Shimano DI2 Manual and made sure the high and low limit scrows are set correctly. My understanding is they the high, and low limit scrows are not my problem here, And I should be looking at the trim option to move the front mech outwards more to minimise the gap.

Following the instructions when the chain is on the big ring at the front and the big ring at the back, set the DI2 to an adjustment mode and move the front mech, so there is no space between the chain the mech inner plate.

My problem is even when I move the mech all the way outwards there is still a small gap. It's a lot better but i cant achieve no gap as per the instructions.

Any advice or ideas will be helpful.

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