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SRAM Force 1 maximum cog size on cassette

soapowejazzsoapowejazz Posts: 2
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this is my first post in this forum, so I hope I'm in the right section.
I have a gravel bike (Open U.P.) with a SRAM Force 1, with a 10-42 cassette. The cassette is already quite big but I was wondering whether I could fit something even larger on it. According to SRAM I can fit a 42 cog maximum on the long cage RD, but is it really the maximum size? Also the cassette is the XG-1150 where all the cogs seems to be connected to each other so I assume that I would have to change the entire cassette and not just the last cog. I have seen that Sunrace has very nice cassettes up to 50 and wolftooth makes instead single cogs that would fit both SRAM and Sunrace.
So my question really is if anyone knows what is the maximum cog size I could fit on a SRAM Force 1.
Many thanks in advance for any help or tip.


  • janwaljanwal Posts: 485
    Your 10-42 cassette will have an XD freehub. It has no splines on like a normal cassette which the sun race cassettes are. So it will not fit.You have to change the freehub if you can find one that fits your wheels. Or a new wheel with normal freehub.
    Surely you 38 ,10-42 should give you plenty of easy climbing gears?
  • I'm also interested in this. Maybe my experience can help a little, but I'd be curious if you've learned any more as well.
    Here's what I've got:
    1) I currently have a Rival 1 (same as Force 1, but with alloy cage) with 2 wheelsets I switch between. One has 11-46t (the gravel one) and the other has 10-42t (the road one). So it can handle a 46t cog, and handles a chain wrap capacity of 36t on my setup.
    2) I've read of people using the e13 9-46t cassette with these RDs as well, so it's at least 37t.
    3) I also talked with a Wolftooth rep who said that they have heard of Rival/Force 1 being used with a 49t cog, but the shifting suffers.
    4) Someone on mtbr ( ... st14300771) has used a Rival 1 with an 11-50t cassette, but needed a roadlink from Wolftooth

    In summary, I *think* the Rival/Force 1 RDs can handle up to 49t (without roadlink) or 50t (with roadlink), and have a chain wrap capacity between 37t and 39t (possibly more, but I can't find any proof).
    I'm considering making my next gravel cassette a Garbaruk, since they have 10/11-46/48/50t options that are all pretty lightweight. If the Rival/Force could handle 40t of chain wrap, I'd go 11-50t, but that seems risky given that's 8t more than SRAM claims (even knowing they make very conservative claims).
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