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Cannondale Synpase 2018 Owners & Mudguards

jonboyukjonboyuk Posts: 40
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Hey all

Do any of you own a Cannondale Synapse (2018 model)? There are eyelets for a special mudguard mount which leads me to two questions:

1. I didn't receive the plastic fender mounts. For current owners, did you receive these or do you have to buy them seperately?
2. Can anyone recommend some good full length mounts? I'm torn between SKS Chromoplastics and SKS Longboard. I'm not sure how well they work with disk brakes (some people whining about it on Chainreaction)!



  • jonboyukjonboyuk Posts: 40
    Is there no one with a recent Cannondale Synapse? :(
  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,333
    There is but apparently it's the worst bike ever made:

  • jonboyukjonboyuk Posts: 40
    Joe Totale wrote:
    There is but apparently it's the worst bike ever made:


    I just read that whole thread because of your comment! That's really not what was being said at all. Not just that, mine is a Carbon Frame 2018 Synapse which is a different animal to the C2 Alloy. Mine is an awesome bike and I love it! I just want some mudguards! :D
  • I have a Synapse 2015 Alloy disc as my winter bike running 25c tyres, fitted with SKS Bluemels Road Mudguard Set from Wiggle (Narrow 20-28).

    They fit perfectly and adjust easily. I put small rubber washers between the fixing points on the bike and the arms to avoid rubbing. I also drilled through the rear mudguard in two places (near where the guard touches the seat-tube/chainstay, and the traditional brake mount point on the seatstays) in order to give two more fixing points.

    Been solid for about 2 years.
  • jonboyukjonboyuk Posts: 40
    I couldn't work out the difference between the Bluemels and Chromoplastics! What made you go for the former? :)
  • To be honest I couldn't tell the difference. I think from memory, at the time, only the bluemels came in matte black (the same as my frame) and had a mud flaps fitted to the base of the guards. That swung it for me...

    Sks Bluemels matt 35 road set are now much cheaper than when I bought them from Wiggle
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