24" Wheel - Mountain Bike Frame

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My 8 year old son has been on an 18" bike and has outgrown it. I think buying a 20" will be a waste as I think he will outgrown that quickly.
I have a Mongoose 24", but the frame seems to be a little big for him at the moment. I know 24" don't come in frame sizes but it measures 13".

Instead of buying him a whole new bike, I was looking at the option of buying a smaller 24" frame, but I am really struggle to find any secondhand frames for sale.

Any advice on where I could potentially buy a frame?

Would a the smaller 24" frames last him until he get to 26", as my other options should be to buy him a 24" and sell the Mongoose.


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    Take him into Evans Cycles or any other big bike shop and let him try out some XS 26" bikes. They you will know for sure what frame size to get him.